Sailor – Susutake “Smoked Bamboo” with decoration


Sailor – Susutake “Smoked Bamboo” with decoration

FP NIB Naginata MF 21k
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The literal translation of Susutake is “smoked bamboo.” Each of these pens is unique and handmade. The bamboo is obtained from the ancient roofs of traditional Japanese thatched-roof-style houses. Due to the scarcity of this material and the craft involved in working with it, the production of each individual pen can take up to two years.

The coloring comes from continuous exposure to the “ironi,” a Japanese sunken fireplace. Different color tones are created depending on the location of the timbers and the amount of smoke they were exposed to. This material, exceeding 150 years in age, is becoming increasingly rare in a Japan that is rapidly urbanizing.

While their appearance is unique, these are also highly practical fountain pens – they can be filled with bottled ink using the provided converter, and can also use Sailor brand ink cartridges.

Each Susutake pen qualifies for our complimentary nib tuning services, which help ensure that your pen will be a terrific everyday writer from the moment you receive it. Sailor 21k nibs also serve as highly suitable starting points for many of our unique nib customizations, which add character and distinctiveness to your writing on the page, and can also serve to make these pens an excellent tool for amateur and professional calligraphers.

Sailor Pen Japan was founded in 1911by Kyugoro Sakata, an engineer from the historic naval port of Hiroshima in Japan, who was introduced to a Fountain Pen brought from England by a sailor friend. He was determined to produce a finely crafted Japanese writing instrument with the highest specification and writing experience.

The company was named Sailor Pen with the aspiration of expanding this homegrown name, Sailor Pen, internationally like the voyages of a Sailor.

Sailor Pen became the first company to produce Fountain Pens for the domestic Japanese market and it is credited to be one of the oldest established pen companies in Japan. Sailor Pen has continued to maintain its heritage of quality and technical excellence for more than 100 years since then.