Montblanc – Writers edition: Scott Fitzgerald

Montblanc – Writers Edition: Scott Fitzgerald

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The roaring twenties were the age of extravagance and Art Deco. The people of it’s jazz age generation had a ball with the Charleston and champagne – and F. Scott Fitzgerald was their idol. Although Fitzgerald enjoyed the high-society life, in his outstanding works such as “The Great Gatsby” and “This Side of Paradise” he drew a subtle psychological portrait of the hedonistic America of the 1920s, which allowed the inescapable tragedy beneath the glittering surface to show through.

The Writers Edition F. Scott Fitzgerald revives the glamour of the roaring twenties. The shimmering white barrel forms a striking contrast to the black precious resin cap, which is decorated by the signature of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The cap rings and the 925 recall the architecture of the period. Dignified tribute is paid to the origins of the legendary Art Deco style

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a cult figure for an entire generation, receiving international acclaim for his books as the most brilliant author of the extravagant Jazz Age. He painted a subtle portrait of the hedonistic America in the Twenties, capturing both its wild exuberance and underlying tragedy.