Montblanc – Writers Edition Marcel Proust


Montblanc – Marcel Proust

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Marcel Proust, a great writer and thinker, always tried to achieve the highest level of precision in detail and the Writers Edition that is inspired by him tries to do the same. The octagonal body, with its refined engravings, recalls the prevailing style in the most fruitful period of Proust. The tank is 925 sterling silver, as are the finishes.
The writer’s signature engraving adorns the body, while the rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib has an hourglass engraved, in homage to Proust’s best-known work.

Marcel Proust, one of the best known French writers and philosophers of his time, fascinated the public with his novels, thanks to their detailed description of human nature. This leading figure in the most elegant Parisian salons knew how to delight the public with his rhetorical ability and his wit.
In his most important work, “In Search of Lost Time”, the stylistic gimmick of Proust’s new literature, the interior monologue, is masterfully combined with impartial analytical descriptions that allow the reader to identify with the characters.