Montblanc – 144 Custom Solid Gold


Montblanc – 144 Custom Solid Gold ( Gold 9ct )

Condition= Excellent
Total weight= 28.1gr
Complete (With outer box, box & papers)


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Each Montblanc product is the result of the union of the soul and the stories of the master craftsmen who created it. And in the same way the priceless, immortal result of this union will undoubtedly become part of your personal and unique history, creating an invisible link between the Montblanc soul and yours.

Montblanc pens need no introduction. They are a real institution in the field of fountain pens. They were born in 1908, in Germany, when August Eberstein and Alfred Nehemias combined creative genius with a flair for business. The early years were quite difficult: the pens then did not have the characteristic clip and the clips were produced separately.
The year that marked the turning point for the German company was 1924, when the famous Meisterstück was born, which not by chance in German means “wonder” and which was immediately a great success.
Montblanc pens today are synonymous with excellence, elegance, perfection. Those who choose a Montblanc do not accept compromises and only want the best for themselves.