Delta – Giulietta e Romeo


Delta – Giulietta e Romeo
FP NIB M 14k
Condition= NOS (New Old Stock)
Length= 14 cm
Complete (With outer box, box & papers)

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Verona, Romeo and Juliet one of the most popular love stories of all time.
The story of the two protagonists has taken on a symbolic value over time, becoming the archetype of perfect love, but opposed by society.

Particular and unique writing instruments.
The head of the hood and the central band make this collection even more special. The first, in fact, is decorated with a small perforated crown, formed by small arches that characterize the city of Verona: the facades, the bridge and the arena, without forgetting Juliet’s enchanting balcony.
Engraved on the central verge are the words of Shakespeare:

“… my heart, like the sea, has no limits and my love is as deep as the sea: the more I give you the more I own, because both are infinite.”